Friday, August 28, 2009

I may be pregnant, but I'm not made of freakin' glass!

Yesterday Vic's grandfather was giving me crap....he only speaks Spanish, but I got the gist of it. He was upset because I had the effrontery to stand on a chair while pregnant and he thought I would fall and injure myself and/or the baby. Now, I get that he was just concerned, but it pissed me off. I told him in my crappy broken Spanish that I was being careful and it was fine. (As an FYI, the chair was very sturdy, my feet were flat on it the entire time, and I was paying close attention to my balance as I cleaned the bookshelf.)

So two minutes later, I'm off the chair but he comes back to tell me once again I shouldn't do stuff like that. Once again, I tell him it's fine! I didn't have the vocabulary to fully express my feelings but I'm sure the angry, impatient look on my face tipped him off.

Then, yesterday evening when Vic's mom calls him, she starts telling him what happened and that I need to be more careful. I knew this would happen! No incident is too small for drama, with people pushing in where they don't need to. Vic has already listened to me grumble about this incident, and is on my side (or at least so he tells me) so he just starts telling her "Bye" on the phone. This is apparently his way of telling her he doesn't agree and doesn't want to discuss the topic at hand.

Of course, this call just pissed me off a second time and he had to listen to me rant about everything all over again....though I could tell he wasn't really listening to my repeated vent--just "uh huh"ing at appropriate moments :b

Next time I see his mom, no doubt I will hear about it for a third time. And I will go off! It'll make her mad, but I do not care. After 9 months, I am just soooo tired of being treated like I am a child, too stupid to be able to make decisions about what is safe for myself and my daughter and what is not. I'm pregnant, not broken!


Mookie said...

"I am just soooo tired of being treated like I am a child, too stupid to be able to make decisions..."

If you want to be treated like an adult, you need to act like a responsible adult! (How many times did we hear THAT growing up?)
As for being too stupid to make your own decisions..well, maybe that's why we had you marry a NASA someone in that house would be bright enough to ensure your child wasn't a total dim bulb!

Now, go sit down and don't do dont want to break yourself..or the baby.

Becky said... can join his grandfather on the shit list!

Mookie said...

what do you mean join him? I assumed I held a very senior position on the Shit List Board of Directors since I was about 6!!!

Becky said...

Don't flatter yourself. You're usually not present enough in my life to be on the list :b

Anonymous said...

Preach on, sista!!! I understand the feeling completely. I worked as a server when i was pregnanat with josh and one of the kitchen help took it as his personal responsibility to prevent me from lifting ANYTHING over the weight of a filled water pitcher. Aggravating, to say the least. Pregnancy doesn't make a woman an invalid (in most cases). And, i have to say, Thank You for reminding your brother yet again that regardless of his ever constant ego...the world does not revolve around him. Love ya!

Becky said...

LOL, thanks for the support Dani :) I knew I could count on you to understand both my position on this issue and slamming Mike :b Love you too!

Mookie said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA...If I'm not such a huge part of your life, then why do you feel the need to respond to my ego-driven commentary??

(Of course, having said this, you may counter with the tactic of ignoring me, which only goes to show that you are still thinking about me by actively deciding to ignore me..i win either way!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my darling....dense husband. MY world revolves around you. You are, after all, my partner in life. Nobody else's, besides maybe your mom and dad, revolves around you. Understand it, deal with it and get over it. Love you!

Mookie said...

NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO